Our volunteer board members are the heart of MNWS!  If you are interested in joining the board, please email our president using the link below.

Board Members

POSITION MEMBER e-mail@minnesotawatercolors.com
President Sonja Hutchinson president
Past President Wendy Westlake pastpresident
Vice President Carol Wingard vicepresident
Secretary Bev Beckman secretary
Treasurer Carol Larson
Membership Anne Bendt membership
Workshops Kathy Schur, Beverly Wood workshops
Fall Exhibition Therésa Weseman fallshow
Spring Exhibition Mary Deziel springshow
Programs Tara Sweeney, Joel Kaplan program
Librarian Hadji Bensfield librarian
Newsletter Joanette Larson brushstrokeseditor
Publicity Kelly Kastner publicity
Webmaster Laura Hanson, Hadji Bensfield webmaster
Signature Membership Steve Lackore signaturemembership
Hospitality Louise Hall hospitality
North Star Liaison Open
Historian Open