1800 Old Shakopee Rd, Bloomington, MN 55431

Chaos to Order

9.00 am to 4.00 pm


1800 Old Shakopee Rd, Bloomington, MN 55431

Before March 1: Members: $400, Nonmembers: $415; After March 1: Members: $420, Nonmembers: $435

Questions? Contact Clare Ritter at 612-618-7274 or ritte009@umn.edu

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Make checks payable to MNWS. Mail to: Clare Ritter, 4108 Sheridan Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55410

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Kathleen Conover divides her time between painting, teaching, judging and gallery ownership (20 years). She holds signature status in several international and national organizations. Kathleen has garnered numerous awards and her work is included in many books. Most recently she is honored to have invitations to several International Watercolor Society exhibitions including: China, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Taiwan and Thailand.

COURSE CONTENT: Create Dynamic Art! Starting a painting with color, texture, gestural marks and layers may seem like "chaos", but it delivers vital energy that is not only fun and intuitive but necessary. Great design and composition are the elements that bring "order" to a rich start and turn it into an attention-getting and expressive finished painting. Beginner or advanced - you are encouraged to discover and explore your unique expression and personal imagery in realism, abstraction or non-objective. Demonstrations, an 8 page syllabus plus handouts, individual attention and independent work time will enable understanding and application of new information and processes. Specific lessons on texture building, color concepts, layering, how to do a value study, understanding design principles and elements, and more will be presented. "Most of all," Kathleen says, "l want to help each artist advance to the next level in their work - no matter where they start." Bring your sense of adventure and enthusiasm for this high energy, fully-packed workshop. An introduction to Kathleen's teaching is included in a three part video in "Workshops" on her web site: KathleenConover.com.

Kathleen Conover Workshop