Dear Minnesota Watercolor Society Members,

We hope this note finds you safe and healthy! Thank you for your patience with the rescheduling of our spring 2020 show. We are fortunate that our juror, Jeannie McGuire and the Minnetonka Center for the Arts were able to make the necessary changes for this show to continue. We will drop “Spring” from the  title and now the show will be called “Inclinations”.

Many thanks to all of our members who submitted their wonderful paintings!  We received 148 paintings from 90 artists for Jeannie McGuire to choose from. She has selected 75 paintings by 63 artists to be included in the show. These were difficult decisions for her to make and there were many wonderful paintings that were not included for various reasons. Please do not be discouraged if your painting was not one of the pieces selected for this show!  Remember, we will have our member’s show in September for another opportunity to share your work. Please be sure to carefully review our rules on framing for our exhibitions. We look forward to seeing you all at the opening in August! 

Congratulations to the following artists to be included in “Inclinations”!

 Julie Allen: “Candy Perfume”

Donald Aggerbeck: “First Heron”

Mary Axelson: “Cosette’s Peony” 

Judy Block: “Table for two”

 Kay Bloom: “Tettegouche in the Spring”

Erin Burton: “Water Dance”, “Fit for a King”, 

Judy Ellenberger Cline: “January Thaw, Thorpe Pond”, 

Rev. Jack Dahl: “The Apple of My Eye”

 Mary Deziel: “Venice Quiet”

 Fred Dingler: “After a March Rain”, “Near Lanesboro”

Virginia Dudley: “Spring in the Valley”

Bonnie Featherstone: “Umbrellas Quebec City 2”

 Elizabeth Franklin: “Spice Drop”

Suzanne Galloway: “Rushing Water I”

 Lori Graffing: “Peony in the Morning Dew”, “Big Wave”

John Grancorvitz: “Spring Time in Saguaro”

Janet Green: “Spring Quartet”

 Richard Green: “Evermore”

CeCeile Hartlieb: “Grilled Cheese and Fries”

Mary Hertogs: “Under the Tuscan Sun”

Jim Hillis: “Dune by the Sea”

Shelley Holl: “Wake Up Down Under”

 Barbara Hubbard: “Como Reflecting Pool”, “Preening”

Carol Humpage: “Split Rock Lighthouse Keeper’s Pantry”

Sonja Hutchinson: “River Birch”

Julia Jaakola: “East Bay Grand Marais en plein air”

Robert Jeffrey: “Café de la Poste”, “Marco and the Bells”

Georgia Kandiko: “Immature Bald”

Celeste Kanli: “Alaska Dreaming”

Kelly Kastner: “Pure Happiness”

MarySue Krueger: “Going Green”

Stephen Lackore: “Mysterious Illumination”

 Anne Legeros: “Leaf in the Big Lake”, “The One with the Blue”

Jack Liebo: “Top Down Day”

Rick Lundsten: “Storm Warning”

Edith Michalski: “Time to Call the Midwife”

Diane Monroe: “Workday Walk”, “My Heart – Catalonia”

Missy Moore: “Crescendo”

Janice Morris: “They Built this City”

Diane Mowry: “Switzerland Hibiscus”

Carl Nelson: “Seaside”

Heidi Nelson: “Primary Still Life”

Jerald Ohm: “Bazarre”, “Summer in Town”

 Barbara Parisien: “Low Tide”

Chris Reiffer: “Turning Point”

Sandy Schildt: “Dilemma at Twenty Weeks”

 Kathy Schur: “Prairie Sky”, “Returning”

Suzanne Schaff: “Self Portrait in Green Silk Shirt”, “Cuban Woman, About my Age, Standing in Her Doorway”

Ann Sisel: “Storm on the Lake”

Wayne Sisel: “Volleyball at the Lake”

Gail Speckmann: “Crabapple Blossoms”

Tara Sweeney: “Watching Ants Again”

David Tomlinson: “Industrial Arts”

Claudia Trepanier: “Surrender”

James Turner: “Sweet Judy Blue Eyes”, “Digital Desire”

 Barbara Van Eeckhout: “Shatter”

Jan Vaughan: “Spring Fever”

Jill Wageman: “Waiting for the Vet”,  “Leader of the Band”

Art Weeks: “Twilight Winter Stream”

Catherine Wheaton: “The Gaze”

Emmy White: “Symptom of Spring: Dogs Hanging out of Car Windows”

 Beverly Wood: “Hollyhocks and Hummingbirds”

Sandy Yarnes: “Temperance River”