Thank you to all the members who submitted paintings for the Spring Show.

2019 Spring Exhibit Selected Artists – When David Feinberg, the Spring Show Juror, sent the list of paintings he chose for the show, he wrote, “I believe I experienced juroring the most talented artists ever applying for an exhibition and thus it was extremely difficult to eliminate so many works that I really liked.”. I encourage all members, regardless if your work was selected, to attend the opening reception at the Arboretum on Thursday, March 21st from 6-8 pm. David will present the awards at 7:00 pm. Congratulations to all artists selected!

Congratulations to the following artists. Drop off is Monday, March 18, 2019 11 a.m. – 2 p.m at the Reedy Gallery, Minnesota Arboretum.

If you have questions, contact Mary Deziel, Spring Exhibition Chair
Call or text: 952.358.0802

Adams, Janet – A Hidden Little Gem
Aggerbeck, Donald – Notes on a Spring Day
Aggerbeck, Donald – Peek
Allen, Julie – Queen’s Game
Allen, Julie – Tea Birds
Ampuero, Caroline – A Lovely Evening Walk
Anderson, Karen – Sisters on Expedition
Axelson, Mary – Beach Time III
Axelson, Mary – Venice Dawn
Bendt, Anne – Old World Inspiration
Burton, Erin – Aurora – King of the Boreal Forest
Burton, Erin – Snowy Egret – a Surprise MN Visit
Choffrut, Patricia – Bride Disappears after Throwing Bouquet
Cline, Judy Ellenberger – Approaching Bdote
Cline, Judy Ellenberger – Dan and Eli
Deal-Braund, Jane – Rainbow Springs
Deans, Nancy – Aretha
Dingler, Fred – Tree in a Boat
Freiberg, Kaye – Spring Thaw
Freiberg, Kaye – Vision Quest
Grancorvitz, John – Plein Air Sighting
Green, Dick – Kensington Walk
Green, Richard – The Reprieve
Haines, Virginia – Rural Chaos
Haines, Virginia – Winter Colors
Hodd, Amy – Portrait of My Father
Hutchinson, Sonja – Geisha
Jaakola, Julia – Trust
Jeffery, Robert – Launch Day
Kandiko, Georgia – Fuschia Magic II
Lackore, Stephen – Born of a Fisherman
Lackore, Stephen – Peony – Moon of Nippon
Larson, Carol – Happy Days
Laxen, Charlotte – Flight of Fancy
Laxen, Charlotte – Royalty
LeMay, Lucy – Fancy Meeting You Here
LeMay, Lucy – Rust Bucket
Liebo, Jack – Bike Taxi, Havana
Lundsten, Rick – From Out of the Past
Lundsten, Rick – Safe Harbor
Monroe, Diane – Twilight – Villefranche
Moore, Melissa – Breaking Free
Morris, Janice – We Shall Be Counted
Mowry, Darlene – Spring Beauty
Nelson, Heidi – Violas
Parisien, Barbara – Akha Child
Perlbachs, Victor – Hennepin & Washington
Prahl, Rita – Scarlet Cup
Ritter, Jerome – Spring in Preston
Schildt, Sandy – Unexpected Departure
Schildt, Sandy – Unexpected Grace
Schur, Kathy – Road Home
Sisel, Ann – Waiting at the Border
Sisel, Wayne – Winter’s Rewards
Smith, David – Magical Venice
Smith, David – Rolling Acers
Sweeney, Tara – Not Feeling It
Tomlinson, David – Trees
Trepanier, Claudia – Concert, Rwanda
Trepanier, Claudia – Connected
Wageman, Jill – Garden at the Cabin
Webert, Nancy – Oldest Best Friends
Webert, Nancy – Up North
Wood, Beverly – Spaces Between – The Forsythia
Wood, Beverly – Spaces Between – The Topiary Pine