Demo Artist: Marilyn Jacobson - Intuitive Painting

7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Christ Presbyterian Church

6901 Normandale Rd, Edina, MN 55435

Marilyn Jacobson began her professional career as a Social Worker, but has a lifelong hobby of sketching people and animals. She began working in watercolor after attending a Watercolor Society meeting in 2005 and it has been her medium of choice ever since.

Marilyn is known for capturing personality and mood in her beautiful, glowing watercolor portraits. She paints in two styles, Realistic and Intuitive. Marilyn loves painting realistic watercolors, but prefers to paint in this style slowly, deliberately and solo. Her second style is contrasting, but complementary--Intuitive Painting.  Her Intuitive style is relaxed, social, and a great way to develop creativity!

Marilyn will be demonstrating her Intuitive Paintings, which are lively and interesting. Many of the results are whimsical and humorous. Marilyn finds that painting in this style opens her imagination, and opens her to creative possibilities.

Marilyn enjoys teaching acrylic painting at Cheers Pablo. She is an Award Winning Artist. She is a member, contributor and has served on the Boards of the Minnesota Watercolor Society, and the NorthStar Waterrmedia Society.  She is active in the Simpson’s Art 4 Shelter fundraiser.

 Marilyn Jacobson can be found at 1-marilyn-jacobson.pixels.com;  or email her at portraitsbymarilyn@gmail.com

December Meeting 2019