Dear Minnesota Watercolor Society Members,

Congratulations to the following Artist’s for being selected for the Minnesota Watercolor Society 2024 Spring Exhibition, “Ephemeral”. We wish to thank everyone for their submissions. This was a tough decision for our juror, David Smith to make.

For those of you selected, please watch your email for more instructions in the coming weeks. All important dates can always be found on the website under the spring exhibition time line. Please note the framing requirements found on the website before framing your work.

Artist – Title
Richard Green – “Critters of Climate Change ~ The Desert”
Nancy Bergman – “Three Sisters”
Kim Gordon – “Moving Toward the Sun”
Rick Lundsten – “A New Horizon”
Rick Lundsten – “Steady As She Goes”
Linda Klabo – “King of the Roost”
Mary Axelson – “Hidden Treasure”
Jim Maki – “Sunset”
Sandy Melander-Schildt – “People Who Feed Us”
Daniel Kuchenbecker – “Spring Maintenance”
Daniel Kuchenbecker – “The Spring Thaw”
Steven Kennedy – “Solace”
Steven Kennedy – “Caulking The Seams”
Pat Swanson – “The Ephemeral Underwing”
Pat Swanson – “Fleeting Beauty”
Lisa Fertig – “Finding The Way”
Georgia Kandiko – “4 Seadragons”
Anne Bendt – “Nature’s Illusion”
Diane Robinson – “Purple in the pond”
Sonja Hutchinson – “Directionally Challenged”
Sonja Hutchinson – “Woodland Greeting”
David Tomlinson – “Grandson Dylan”
David Tomlinson – “Tropical Hunters”
Joann Perry – “Glory to the Marigold”
Art Weeks – “Crow River Mud Flats”
Victor B. Perlbachs – “North Loop”
Julie Schroeder – “Flicker of Light”
Claudia Trepanier – “Fragrance of My Heart”
Clare Ritter – “Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse”
Julie Allen – “Show Off”
Julie Allen – “Jungle Pot”
Nancy Zinter – “Quince at the Liebermann Villa”
Tara Sweeney – “Plays to Win”
Fred Dingler – “Lanesboro Barn”
Karen Stuhlfeier – “Impression of Minnehaha Parkway Lilacs”
Peggy Magee – “Let Them Eat Key Lime Pie”
William Beaupre – “Morning Faithful”
Carol Stott – “Birch Trees”
James Turner – “Sanctuary”
James Turner – “Evening Fishing”
Mary Anderson – “Morning Zen”
Mary Anderson – “Tulip Divas”
Jan McLandsborough – “Fleeting Summer”
Jim Hillis – “Bunch of Birches”
Judy Ellenberger Cline – “Lachlan”
Deb Zeller – “Zoe”
Carol Harris – “Golden Pears and Lace”
Kim Austrian – “Dreaming in Havana”
Wayne Sisel – “Arrangement of Reds & Greens”
Diane Posselt Monroe – “Paris Light”
Melissa Moore – “A Quiet Place”
Mary Holmgren – “Lavender Frenzy”
Melissa Van Egdom – “Enlightened Curiosity”
Sandra Cowing – “Wes”
LouAnn Hoppe – “Copper Sunflower”
Robert Jeffery – “Reaching Toward Heaven – Sagrada Familia”
CeCeile Hartleib – “Wotan”
Carol Teigen Wingard – “Still Life with Sunflowers”
Alya Jawaid – “Prayers for Palestine”
Alya Jawaid – “Portrait of NJ with String Lights”
Donald C. Aggerbeck – “Tandava”
Sophie Niedenfuer – “The Blues”
Laura Berg – “Gardener’s Cathedral”
Suzanne Galloway – “Landscape 1”
Louise Laakso Lundin – “In Dreams”
Heidi Nelson – “Lunch; Ely Lake”
Judy Fulk – “Flying above the clouds”
Greg Meyer – “Mother In-law Rapids”
Erin K. Renier – “Amid the Asters”
Kar-Keat Chong – “Entangled”