Dear Minnesota Watercolor Society Members,

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Minnesota Watercolor Society Spring 2021 juried exhibition, Chroma! We received 168 entries from 101 artists and our Juror, Carl Oltvedt has chosen 60 paintings to hang in the Reedy Gallery at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska, Minnesota.

Donald Aggerbeck: “Misty Moon”

Donald Aggerbeck: “Spruzzare”

Julie Allen: “What’s For Dinner?”

Caroline Ampuero: “Having Coffee With Koi”

mary anderson: “Autumn Brilliance”

Mary Axelson: “Glass Confetti III”

Kar-Keat Chong: “Low Tide at the Fishing Village No.2”

Judy Ellenberger Cline: “Whose woods these are”

Sandra Cowing: “Purity”

Nancy Deans: “Beverly Sills Iris”

Bonnie Dyer Featherstone : “Resilient”

Elizabeth Franklin: “Untitled”

Suz Galloway: “Intuitive Light”

John Grancorvitz: “Friendly Face”

Janet Green: “Upheaval”

Richard Green: “Covid Sketch Outdoor Dining Available”

jim Hillis: “Spring is here”

Amy Hodd: “Thiebaud Escape”

Mary Holmgren: “Cerulean Swing”

Mary Holmgren: “Storm Brewing”

Sonja Hutchinson: “Wired”

Julia Jaakola: “Up North Minnesota”

Alya Jawaid: “Under the Citadel”

Robert Jeffery: “Sail Away”

Georgia Kandiko: “Beach Diva”

Vera Kovacovic: “Aquatic happiness”

MarySue Krueger: “Gifts from the Earth #3”

MarySue Krueger: “Peek-a-Boo!”

Stephen Lackore: “Windermere Vista”

Stephen Lackore: “Staying Close”

Cate Larson: “Fog on the North shore”

Anne Legeros: “Gentle Winds are Blowing”

Lucy LeMay: “Weeds and Water”

Jack Liebo: “Holding Court”

Rick Lundsten: “Stop and Listen”

Eber Lusty: “Thumper”

Melissa Moore: “Doodling Covid Away”

Melissa Moore: “November Prairie”

Darlene Mowry: “Fragrant Beauty”

James Nutt: “Steeped in History”

Shari Parsons: “Rime Ice”

Shari Parsons: “Harvest”

Victor Perlbachs: “Madison Street, NE Minneapolis”

Rita Prahl: “Luna and Gretel”

Richard Pudas: “After the Rain”

Kathy Schur: “Glorious Blooms”

Suzanne Shaff: “The Barber of Baracoa Waits for You”

Ann Sisel: “Elsie”

Tara Sweeney: “New Hat, Old Friend”

David Tomlinson: “Decommissioned”

Claudia Trepanier: “Morning at the Creek”

James Turner: “The Critics”

James Turner: “Tandem”

Marietta Turner: “Barista in Training”

Nancy Webert: “No Seeds in the Center”

Arthur (Art) Weeks: “Peeks of Sun, Clearing”

Emmy White: “February Flowers”

Dan Wiemer: “On the Rocks”

Carol Wingard: “Pumpkin Patch”

Carol Wingard: “Golden Orchids”