All entrants in MNWS Exhibitions will be required to READ and AGREE to these rules. Please familiarize yourself with these rules BEFORE deciding what to enter in a show so you know your work can be in compliance.

Minnesota Watercolor Society Show Submission Rules Agreement

Complete rules are available at:

Any work that does not follow these rules will not be accepted. Fees will not be returned.

  • Entrants must be a MNSW member with current dues paid before or upon entry.
  • Painting must use water-based media on a paper surface, YUPO, canvas, or board up to 3/4-inches thick.
  • Surfaces may be treated or coated to accept water-based media with gesso or gel medium.
  • Media must be applied in a transparent or opaque manner – no impasto.
  • Any collage must be treated with water-media only and not dominate the painting. No found materials may be used. Drawing elements including ink, pastel, crayons, pencil, etc. may be used.
  • Work must be original and may not be copies of other artists’ work, painted in a workshop or under the supervision of an instructor.
  • Photo reference materials must have been taken by the artist.
  • Paintings must be completed within the last two years and not previously shown in a MNWS exhibition.
  • Paintings must be framed and under glass or an acrylic surface UNLESS they are gallery wrapped on canvas or board which then must have finished edges and the surface treated with a fixative.
  • Matting must be white or off-white only.
  • Frames must be simple, sturdy, and in black, white or neutral tones only.
  • Maximum frame/work size is 41” vertically or horizontally.
  • All works must include a hanging wire that is 2 inches down from the highest point at the top of the frame, canvas, or board. No sawtooth hangers.

I have read and agree to the complete rules posted at