In February of 2008, MNWS launched the Signature Status program to honor the members who have shown a high level of creativity for many years.  When the program launched, the Signature Status criteria was applied to all active members and 33 members were immediately awarded signature status.

To earn Signature Status, members must earn 6 points in a 5-year period.

How to earn points

  • One point for each piece accepted into the spring juried exhibition.
  • One point for each piece selected by a juror for an award in the fall open exhibition or the spring juried exhibition.
    • All awards, except for the People’s Choice award, are worth one point.
    • A member can accumulate multiple points in one show (i.e. If Sue has two pieces accepted into the spring exhibition and one piece wins an award, Sue would earn three points.)
  • One point is earned each year that a board member serves/volunteers in support of the mission and activities of the MNWS.
    • Only two points can come from volunteering, the other four points must be earned by artwork in shows.

To retain this status, artists must be paid-up members in good standing. “MNWS” after an artist’s name denotes a MNWS member who has achieved Signature Status.

Signature Members

Julie Kay Allen
Donald C. Aggerbeck
Marian Alstad*
Mary Anderson
Mary Axelson
Rhonda Bank
Lynne Baur
Terry Becker
Molly Bergum
Jeanne Bourquin
Erin Burton
Judy Ellenberger Cline
Mary Deziel
Fred Dingler
Keith Donaldson
Virginia Dudley
Bonnie D. Featherstone
Elizabeth M. Franklin
Suzanne Galloway
John Grancorvitz
Daniel Green
Dick Green
Jan Green
Richard C. Green
Rosemary Guttormsson
CeCeile Hartleib
Catherine Hearding
Harry Heim*
Paul S. Higdon
Mary Holmgren
Sonja Hutchinson
Julia Kara Jaakola
Marilyn Jacobson
Dianne Jandt
Alya Jawaid
Robert Jeffery
Thomas L. Johnson
Georgia Kandiko
Karen Knutson
Sandy Koeger*
Vera Kovacovic
Mary Sue Krueger
Stephen Lackore
Anne Juhl Legeros
Judy Lieber*
Jack Liebo
Lucy LeMay
Jeanne Long
Rick Lundsten
Deb Magelssen
Jean Meyer*
Judith E. Meyeraan
Doug Meythaler
Kathleen Miller
Diane Posselt Monroe
Melissa Moore
Janice Morris
Darlene Mowry
Heidi Nelson
Jack O’Leary
Jerrald Ohm
Victor B. Perlbachs
Sandy Melander-Schildt
Kathy H. Schur
Suzanne Shaff
Edward Shimek*
Ann Sisel
David Smith
Kathleen Sovell
Roslyn Stendahl
Tara Sweeney
Claudia Trepanier
Jim Turner
Pat Undis
Gail Vass
Janice Vaughan
Nancy Webert
Art Weeks
Theresa Weseman
Emily White
Dan Wiemer
Carol Wingard
Phyllis Winther
Beverly Wood
Susan Zavadil

* individual is deceased