MNWS is a dynamic organization providing its members with a wide variety of events and opportunities. It is an excellent source of information for the artist, novice to professional, while being an abundant and continuous source of support and encouragement. And best of all . . . it’s full of friends.  We hope you’ll join us!

MNWS Annual Membership Dues

Single Couple/Family Seniors (65+) College Students
$35 $45 $30 $20

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Payment via check or PayPal

Membership Timeframe

Minnesota Watercolor Society’s annual membership year is from May 1 through April 30. Any paid memberships within that timeframe are up for renewal on May 1st. New Membership is for anyone who has not previously been a member of MNWS. First year renewal dates are based on the join dates as shown below.

Join Date Renewal Date Example
If between May and December May 1 of the next year Joined June 2023; renewal date would be May 1, 2024
If between January and April May 1 of the following year Joined February 2024; renewal date would be May 1/2025

Membership Categories

Current membership. A current member is a person that has paid for the current MNWS year (May 1 through April 30).

Lifetime membership is attained by maintaining a current membership for 20 consecutive membership years. Renewal fees are waived for lifetime members.

Questions?  Please email our membership chair, Anne Bendt.

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