Demo Artist: Bonnie Featherstone

7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Christ Presbyterian Church

6901 Normandale Rd, Edina, MN 55435

Questions? Contact Tara Sweeney at tarasweeneyart.com.

From Plein Air Study to Completed Studio Painting

Bonnie Dyer Featherstone will demonstrate her process for selecting a subject, evaluating compositions and challenging herself to try something new, different and maybe even beyond her comfort level working from plein air sketches to create studio paintings. “Trusting my instincts rarely fails me. Capturing a subject in outdoor light brings such life to a painting. Being able to transfer the freshness of a field study to a completed studio piece–be it a figure, still life or landscape–is a journey of challenges. Look for the jewels you have in your journals, sketchbooks, and stashed under the bed. Really look at them. How many have you thought about re-doing but never got around to painting. Edit and discern whether they could come to life in a different color palette or in a larger format.” This is great material for the depths of winter when no one in their right mind thinks about painting outdoors.Bonnie says, “I can't be too safe if I am going to continue to create fresh new paintings and to continuemake breakthroughs in my work."

March Meeting 2018