08 - 10Apr2024

MNWS Workshop Artist David R. Smith - Registration is open!

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Minnetonka Center for the Arts

2240 N Shore Dr, Wayzata, MN 55391

$405 for Members, $450 for Non-members

2024 Spring Workshop

Fresh & Exciting Watercolors with David R. Smith

Registration: Contact Minnetonka Center for the Arts in person or via phone at (952) 473-7361

Dates: Monday April 8th-Wednesday April 10th, 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Location: Minnetonka Center for the Arts, 2240 N Shore Dr, Wayzata, MN  55391

Cost: $405 for Members, $450 for Non-members


What to Expect!

Join David on a Watercolor Journey, learning the most valuable watercolor concepts and techniques. This workshop will save you countless hours of trial and error by demonstrating approaches in an easily understood manner that will open new doors of discovery and creativity.  Participants will be provided reference photos, drawing guides and step-by-step instruction through all stages of the painting process. The workshop is packed with demos and guided practice. Regardless of your level of experience, whether the subject matter is a Landscape, Floral, or Misty Lake, you’re almost guaranteed to leave with a handsome work of art and the skills, concepts and confidence to take your paintings to a higher level. David will demonstrate a wide variety of techniques, including “wet-on-wet,” “spattering,” “spraying” and how to link shapes in a composition based on values while also learning about edge quality of shapes, the importance of different consistencies of paint and the different moisture qualities of paper – concepts and approaches that will keep your paintings fresh with exciting blends and textures and keep you inspired and eager to explore your new watercolor capabilities long into the future.


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About the Artist

David R. Smith began his artistic journey studying Chinese Brush Painting in the United States and China.  A decade later, he was introduced to Western style watercolor painting and was amazed at how enjoyable and forgiving it was compared to working on rice paper.  Ever since, he has been hooked on watercolor painting, and has become a popular artist and instructor nationally and internationally, as well as a sought-after juror.  David is the recipient of the Skyledge Award (the highest recognition awarded by the Transparent Watercolor Society of America), an award winner and signature member of the American Watercolor Society, signature member of the National Watercolor Society, and his work has earned him numerous “Best of Show” awards for both his studio and plein air work, signature memberships, showings in galleries and museums across the United States and abroad, and inclusion in publications including Fine Art Connoisseur, International Artist, and multiple editions of SPLASHThe Best of Watercolor.  With over 25 years of experience as a public school teacher, he is skilled at breaking down complex concepts and skills into easily learned chunks and now enjoys helping workshop participants find success with watercolor.  As much as he loves to paint, he has found sharing his watercolor passion through instruction even more gratifying and he is most rewarded when he hears a frequent comment: “This is one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken.”

Artist Statement:
David enjoys the challenge of working in harmony with a fluid medium. By creating the proper environment, surrendering some control, and working harmoniously with the medium, the most beautiful results oftentimes occur naturally. To keep his paintings from appearing too precise and to convey a feeling of aliveness, David utilizes a number of techniques such as working wet into wet, pouring, glazing, spattering, and spraying. These techniques keep his paintings fresh and produce exciting interminglings and textures effortlessly.

Questions: Contact Kelly Kastner or Jill Condon at workshops@minnesotawatercolors.com

MNWS Workshop Artist David R. Smith