Our librarian brings a sample of the library to MNWS meetings each month.  If you would like to borrow a specific book, please email our librarian prior to the meeting.  Inventory and availability is subject to change. 

Book Inventory

Alphabetical by Author

Albert, Greg The Simple Secret to Better Painting
Andrews, Don   Interpreting the Figure in Watercolor
Arthur, John Realists at Work
Balkwill, Ray Watercolor Plus
Ballinger, Harry Painting Landscapes
Band, David Enrich Your Paintings With Texture
Barbour, Arthur Painting the Seasons in Watercolor
Barbour, Arthur Painting Buildings in Watercolor
Bartlett, Charles Starting in Watercolor
Bayles, David Art and Fear
Beam, Mary Todd The Creative Edge
Beckwith, Mary Ann Creative Watercolor
Beattie, Malcolm Simplifying Complex Scenes in Watercolor
Betts, Judi Watercolor: Let’s Think About It!
Blake, Wendon Portrait Drawing
Blake, Wendon Acrylic Watercolor Painting
Blake, Wendon Color In Watercolor
Blockley, Ann Country Flowers In Watercolor
Blockley, John Getting Started in Watercolor
Blockley, John Country Landscapes in Watercolor
Blockley, John Watercolor Interpretations
Blocksidge, Jeffrey Drawing and Painting People
Bolton, Richard Painting Weathered Textures in Watercolor
Bolton, Richard Weathered Texture Workshop
Brommer, Gerald Watercolor and Collage Workshop
Brouillette, Al The Evolving Picture
Brown, Harley Eternal Truths for Every Artist
Buechner, Thomas S. How I Paint
Burt, Dan You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors
Cagle, Gretchen Decorative Painting With Gretchen Cagle
Carbonetti, Jeanne The Tao of Watercolor
Carbonetti, Jeanne The Zen of Creative Painting
Carr, David Painting the Nude
Carrel, Dan Realistic Painting Workshop
Cassels, Julia How to Capture Movement in Your Paintings
Chaillou Jean-Claude The Natural World in Watercolor
Chamberlin, Trevor A Personal View
Chee, Cheng-Khee Watercolor World of …….
Cherrett, Pauline Chinese Brush Painting
Clark, Roberta How to Paint Living Portraits
Clegg, Donald Celebrating the Seasons In Watercolor
Cobb, Virginia Discovering the Inner Eye
Cooper, Mario Flower Painting in Watercolor
Corsellis, Jane Painting Figures in Light
Couch,  Tony  Keys to Successful Painting
Couch, Tony Watercolor: You Can Do It!
Crawshaw, Alwyn A. C. Paints on Holiday
Crespo, Michael Experiments in Watercolor
Croney,  Claude My Way with Watercolor
Curtis, David A Personal View
D’Aleo, Angela The Purpose of Painting
Davidson, Martin Texture
Dawley, Joseph Seeing and Painting the Colors of Nature
Diederich, Ellen Jean Progressive Painting
Dews, Pat Creative Discoveries in Water Media
Dews, Pat Creative Composition and Design
Dobie, Jeanne Making Colors Sing
Doherty, M. Stephen Developing Ideas in Artwork
Donovan, Liz Sunlit Still Lifes
Dunn, Charles Conversations in Paint
Dwight, Jane Chinese Brush Painting
Eaton, Judy Flowers and Leaves
Edin/Jepsen Color Harmonies
Edwards Betty Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Engle, Nita How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself
Ferber, Linda Masters of Colors and Light
Fletcher, James Magic of Watercolor
Foster, Walter How to Draw and Paint Watercolors
Freeman, Jane A Celebration of Light
Gair, Angela Perspective for Artists
Gair, Angela Tonal Values
Gair, Angela Watercolor Solutions Book
Garcia, Joe Watercolor Bible
George, Ethel Painting Flowers with Watercolor
Gildo, Janie Colored Pencil Explorations
Graham,  Peter Painting Still Life
Grastorf, Jean Pouring Layering Transparent WC Light
Greene, Gary Artists’ Photo Reference of Boats and Nautical Scenes
Green, Jean Art Effects
Groves, Elizabeth Exploring Watercolor
Griffith, Jerry Using Liquid Frisket
Guerney, James Artist’s Guide to Sketching
Harper,   Sally The Complete watercolor Artist
Harrington, Charles Acrylics the Watercolor Alternative
Harrison, Hazel Painting Great Pictures from Photographs
Harrison, Hazel Watercolor School
Harrison, Hazel The Encyclopedia of Watercolor Techniques
Hauser, Priscilla Book of Roses
Heim, Dawn McLeod Painting Realistic Watercolors
Henri, Robert The Art Spirit
Hilder, Rowland Expressing Land, Sea, and Sky in WC
Hill, Tom The Watercolorist’s Complete Guide to Color
Hobbs, Anne Beatrice Potter’s Art
Hoffstetter, Jane 7 Keys to Great Paintings
Holman, Karlyn Watercolor Fun and Free
Holman, Karlyn Searching for the Artist Within
Holman, Karlyn WC The Spirit of Spontaneity
Holman,  Karlyn Watercolor Making Your Mark  
Hutchings, LaVere Make Your Watercolors Sing
International Artists Watercolor Landscape
International Artists 100 Ways to Paint People & Figures
International Artists Skies and Clouds Techniques
Jackson, Billy On This Island…Martha’s Vineyard
Jackson, Paul Painting Spectacular Light Effects In Watercolor
Jamison, Philip Capturing Nature in WC
Jamison, Philip Making Your Paintings Work
Jelbert, Wendy Mastering the Art of Watercolor
Johnson, Cathy Creating Textures in Watercolor
Johnson, Cathy Painting Nature’s Details in WC
Johnson, Cathy Watercolor Tricks and Techniques
Karwoski, Richard Watercolor Bright and Beautiful
Kate, Maggie Big Book of Plant and Flower Illustrations
Katchen, Carole Make Your Watercolors Look Professional
Kessler, Margaret Color Harmony in Your Paintings
Kincaid, Elizabeth Paint WC That Dance with Light
Koser, John Watercolor Red Yellow Blue
Kosvanec, Jim Transparent WC Wheel
Kunz, Jan Watercolor Color
Kunz, Jan Painting Beautiful WC from Photographs
Kunz, Jan Painting WC Florals That Glow
Kunz, Jan Painting WC Portraits That Glow
Lawrence, Rod Painting Wildlife Textures Step by Step
Lawrence, William Painting Light and Shadows in Watercolor
LeClair, Charles The Art of Watercolor
Lee, Bev Painting Children
Leeper Christopher Realism In Water Media
Leigh, Hillary Artists’ Questions Answered
Lehrman, Lewis Being An Artist
Lehrman, Lewis Energize Your Paintings with Color
Leland, Nita The New Creative Artist
Leland, Nita Creative Collage Techniques
Lew, Douglas Capturing Motion in Watercolor
Lew, Douglas Painting from Life
Lew, Douglas A Watercolor Journal of Florence
Lewis, David Watercolor Painting Techniques
Lidzey, John Color Mixing for Artists
Long,  Chuck Watercolor Success!
Loomis, Andrew Figure Drawing for All Its Worth
Loos, Ray Watercolor Options
Lovett, John Getting Started
Lynch, Tom Magic of Watercolors
Lynch, Tom Fun With Watercolor
Lynch, Tom Watercolor Secrets
Maiotti, Ettore Watercolor Handbook
MacKenzie, Gordon The WC Essential ?Notebook
Madden, Terry Wonderful World of Watercolor Vol. 1
Madden, Terry Wonderful World of Watercolor Vol. 2
Martin, Margaret M. No More Wishy-Washy Watercolor
Masterfield, Maxine Painting the Spirit of Nature
Mattson, Wendy People in Watercolor
McClean, Mary Anne Mary Anne’s Garden
McIntyre, Carol A I Just Want To Paint
McNaughton, Maureen Beautiful Brushstrokes Step-By-Step
Mehaffey, Mark Creative Workshop Watercolor and Acrylic
Meyer, El Watercolor Painting on Location
Metzger, Phil Enliven Your Paintings with Light
Millard, David The Joy of Watercolor
Millard, David More Joy of Watercolor
Monahan, Patricia Painting in Gouache
Morgan, Jacque Watercolor for Illustration
Nechis, Barbara Watercolor the Creative Experience
Nice, Claudia Creating Textures in Pen and Ink with Watercolor
North Light Light and Color Techniques in Watercolor
O’Connor, Birgit Watercolor in Motion
Otis, Michaelin Painting People
Parramon, Jose Watercolor Techniques and Color
Parramon, Jose How to Paint with Colored Pencils
Pech, Arleta Painting Fresh Florals in Watercolor
Pember, Ann Close Focus Flowers
Perenyi, Ken The Secret Life of American Art Forger
Petrie, Ferdinand Watercolorist’s Guide to Painting Trees
Petrie, Ferdinand Watercolorist’s Guide to Painting Water
Philcox, Theadora Landscapes in Watercolor
Picasso, Marina Picasso, My Grandfather
Pike, John Paints Watercolor
Pike, John Watercolor
Pike, John Watercolor: The Art and Technique of Watercolor Painting 
Pollard, Julie Brilliant Color
Porter, Albert Expressive WC Techniques
Poulin, Bernard Complete Colored Pencil Book
Price, Maggie Creative Freedom
Purcell, Carl Painting with Your Artist’s Brain
Quiller, Stephen Water Media: Processes and Possibilities
Quiller, Stephen Watercolor Techniques
Quiller, Stephen Acrylic Painting Techniques
Rankin, Don Mastering Glazing Techniques in Watercolor
Ranson, Ron Big Brush Watercolor
Ranson,  Ron  The Art of John Yardley
Raynes, John The Complete Guide to Perspective
Reid, Charles Painting by Design
Reid, Charles Painting Flowers in Watercolor
Reid, Charles Flower Painting in Watercolor
Reid, Charles Portrait Painting in Watercolor
Reid, Charles The Natural Way to Paint
Reid, Charles Figure Painting in Watercolor
Reid, Charles Portraits and Figures In Watercolor
Reid, Jack Easy Landscapes
Richards, David Personal Painting Style
Richmond, Leonard Fundamentals of Watercolor Painting
Riley, Paul Flower Painting
Robinson, E. John Paint the Sea and Shoreline in WC Using Special Effects
Rocco, Michael P  Painting Realistic Watercolor Textures
Ross, Sueellen Paint Radiant Realism in WC, Ink and Colored Pencil
Roycraft, Roland Fill Your WC With Nature’s Light
Roycraft, Roland Fill Your WC With Light and Color
Rubbra, Benedict Painting Children
Saper, Chris Painting Beautiful Skin Tones With Color and Light
Schilling, Richard WC Journeys Create Your Own Travel Sketchbook
Schlemm, Betty Lou Painting Light and Shadow
Schlemm, Betty Lou WC Secrets for Painting Light
Schlemm, Betty Lou Best of Watercolor
Schmid, Richard Alla Prima Everything I Know about WC
Scott, Marylin Watercolor Artist’s Bible
Schink, Christopher Mastering Color and Design in WC
Seggebruch, Pat Encaustic Workshop
Seligman, Patricia How to Paint Water
Seligman, Patricia Trees, Flowers, and Foliage
Seng, OngKim Mastering Light and Shade in WC
Senter, Bill Color Transfer Achieving Impressionistic Effects With Watercolor Markers and Inks
Shackelford, Bud Experimental WC Techniques
Shapiro, Irving How to Make a Painting
Sherwood, Shirley A Passion for Plants
Shook, Georg Painting WC from Photographs
Shorr, Harriet The Artist’s Eye
Simandle, Marilyn Capturing Light in WC
Smith, Ray Landscapes in WC
Smith, Ray Watercolor Color
Smith, Ray Watercolor Landscapes
Smith, Constance Art Marketing 101
Sovek, Charles Catching Light in Your Paintings
Speckmann, Gail Wet into Wet WC
Stabin, Mel The Figure in Watercolor
Stine, Al Painting Smart
Stroud, Betsy Dillard  Painting From the Inside Out
Szabo, Zoltan Artist at Work
Szabo, Zoltan Creative WC Techniques
Szabo, Zoltan Landscape Painting in WC
Szabo, Zoltan Zoltan Szabo Paints Landscapes
Szabo, Zoltan Painting Nature’s Hidden Treasures
Szabo, Zoltan Watercolor Techneques
Tan, Chinkok Shade and Light Value
Tauchid, Rheni The New Acrylic
Taylor, Jo Watercolor Wisdom
Topham, Mark Techniques Source Book
Tregay, Susan Master Disaster Five Ways to Rescue Desperate WC
Unwin, Chris The Artistic Touch  Books 1,2,3,4,5,6
vanHasselt, Tony Outdoor WC Workshop
vanHasselt, Tony Painting with the White of Your Paper
Voohees, Donald Lessons from a Lifetime of WC Painting
Wade, Robert Painting More than the Eye Can See
Wade, Robert Painting Your Vision in WC
Wagner/vanHasselt Watercolor Fix-it Book
Wagner/vanHasselt Painting with the White of Your Paper
Ward, Edward  The New Spirit of WC
Ward, Edward First Impressions
Warr,  Michael Painting Detail in Watercolor
Webb, Frank Webb on Watercolor
Weise, Lee Watercolors
Weise, Lee Watercolors II, The Seventies
Westerman, Arne How to Become A Famous Artist through Pain & Suffering
Westeman, Arne Paint WC with Life & Energy
Whalley, Ann Painting Water in WC
Wharton, Christian Painting Water in WC
Whitney, Edgar Learn WC the Edgar Whitney Way
Whitney, Edgar Complete Guide to WC Painting
Whittlesea,  Michael The Complete Watercolor Course
Wiegardt, Eric Watercolor Free and Easy
Wiffen,  Valerie  Successful Sketching
Wilcox, Michael The Wilcox Guide to the Best Watercolor Paints
Wilcox, Michael Blue & Yellow Don’t Make Green
Willis, Lucy Light How to See It How to Paint It
Wissman, Pamela Sketchbook Confidential
Wolf, Rachel Rubin Splash 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,14
Wolf, Rachel Textures & Surfaces
Wolf, Rachel Best of Flower Painting 2
Wolf, Rachel Best of Wildlife Painting
Wolf, Rachel Painting the Many Moods of Light
Wolf, Rachel Basic WC Techniques
Wolf, Rachel Basic People Painting Techniques
Wolf, Rachel Basic Nature Painting Techniques
Wolf, Rachel Basic Flower Painting Techniques
Wolf, Rachel Keys to Painting Light and Shadow
Wolfe, Tom The Painted Word
Wood, Laurence WC Master Class
Wunderlich, Eleanor Botanical Illustration in WC
Yardley, John A Personal View
Zbukvic, Joseph Mastering Atmosphere & Mood in WC
Zhen, Lian Quan Chinese Watercolor Techniques